Doug Adkins CD "Dirt Roads And Fence Lines" (2018)


Only in the Midwest!!!  Dirt Roads run for as far as you can see until the road disappears, fading perfectly into the horizon..  It's the same with fence lines as they travel along as far as the eye can see until that fence line disappears and blends into the sky.  Images like that and others from the Midwest can capture your youth and define who you are.  This CD is full of imagery and wonderful stories of growing up in Montana and the Midwest United States.



01. Dirt Roads And Fence Lines

02. Small Montana Town

03. Wishful Thinking

04. Wish It Were Rainin`

05. Not Enough Whiskey

06. Two Steppin` Honky Tonk Dream

07. Second Hand Heart

08. Day To Day

09. Good Ol Days

10. Heroes Of The Lost Highway

11. (Thank God) Dirt Roads Never End

12. Wher I Come From

13. Bonus Track: Not Enough Whiskey (Extended Version)

Doug Adkins CD "Dirt Roads And Fence Lines"

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